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Ladakh is also called "Little Tibet" because of high mountains and unspoiled nature. The main religion is Buddhism, witnessed by ancient temples frequented by monks and devotees, wheels to recite the mantra, high Buddha statues, multicolored tibetian flags hanging in the wind to spread the prayers in the air to creat the positve energy. A land in the extreme north of India, full of enchanting beauty and spectacular landscape framed by the Himalayan mountains, including green valleys, rugged mountains and blue waters. A trip dedicated to hikers, photographers, naturalists, cyclists and motorcyclists, and to all true travelers.

Delhi, Leh, Valle di Nubra, Uletokpo, Delhi


Ladakh is a land of high mountains and unspoilt nature. Buddhism is testified by ancient temples, prayer wheels, high Buddha statues and multicolored flags hanging in the wind. A journey among the Himalayan mountains, in this land called "country of high passes" to the higher elevations of its carriage roads. An unforgettable trip for adventure lovers, hiking and Nature.



Delhi, Leh, Valle di Nubra, Uletokpo, Leh, Jaipur, Agra, Delhi


An itineray starting from the Indian capital and joining, by an impressive flight, the high plateaus of the marvellous land of Ladakh, with its snowy mountains, its deep blue lakes and its welcoming and religious people. A cutural and natural trip that continues in the cities among the most loved of India..

Maitreya the next Buddha
monastery and himalayan mountain in Ladakh

Delhi, Amritsar, Dharamsala, Manali, Keylong, Sarchu, Leh, Valle di Nubra, Uletokpo, Leh, Delhi


The tour starting with capital Delhi, through the most holy city of Sikhs, Amritsar (and Golden Temple) and proceed towards Dharamshala, where the tibetan spirtual leader Dalai Lama resides currently, then up to Manali, most visited city of Himachal Pradesh and  the spectacular Himalayan roads which lead you to Leh, in Ladakh. An adventurous journey.


landscapes in Ladakh

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