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in a magnificent natural setting, Tibet not surprisingly is called "the roof of the world", thanks to its average altitude equal to 3650 meters s.l.m. and to its high peaks over 8,000 meters (Everest is 8848 meters high and is the highest mountain on earth). Tibet is the highest and most extensive plateau in the world, surrounded in the south by the Himalayas chain and, in the north, by Altyn Tagh and Gangkar Chogley Namgyal mountain chains. To the west it merges with the peaks of the Karakorum and to the east descends gradually to the heights of Minyak Gangkar and Khawakarpo. It remains one of the few untouched lands and tourist destination for its unique geological features. Its geographical and political isolation for a long time permitted only a very few foreigners to cross its borders. Even after the Chinese invasion in 1950, Tibet was completely closed. It was open to all only in the mid 80's although today special permits are required. You will be fascinated by the extraordinary nature and also by its splendid ethnic culture and typical local customs and practices.

Kathmandu, Lasha, Gyantse, Shigatse, Shegar, Zangum, Kathmandu


An itinerary that develops between the mythical places Himalayas, Tibet and Nepal. A journey from both naturalistic connotations, for the spectacle of the highest mountainsin the world, and spiritual, for the discovery and the visit of the holiest sites. Movements from one place to another takes place through the high passes of the Himalayas.

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